Tom Devil and the Wizard is a Texas-based rock band that exists for one purpose: to play live shows that make people wonder if the devil or the wizard exist. This three-piece group of misfits is unapologetically weird, notably awesome and a little bipolar when it comes to sound.

We take inspiration from where we can find it – whether it’s Phish, Neil Young, Clutch, Kings X, The Talking Heads, or The Beatles – we’re students of anyone that makes music we like to hear. We’ve also stolen a few pages out of Bruce Lee’s book with his Jeet Kune Do: the philosophy of having no style. That’s where the devil and the wizard come together to work their dark magic. Somehow, it works.

At the end of the day, we care about two things: coming up with funny song names and writing good music to back those names up. 


  • Performed on Balcony T.V. – Austin, Texas 2015
  • House of BluesBrews and Grooves Fest – 2016
  • Met and made a fan out of Dallas Mavericks Head Coach, Rick Carlisle
  • Low Tide/Fellowship in the Bojabs radio play – 91.7 KXT, 97.1 The Eagle, 89.3 KNON, &  KAFM 88.1 of Grand Junction, CO
  • East coast tour in Richmond, VA – 2017 spring concert series
  • Headliner for the Looney Tuunes Music Fest at Gas Monkey BarN’ Grill
  • Toyota Music Factory Pavillion Stage before OAR – July 2018


What we love most is playing live. We have a gig mentality – and we’re looking for as many opportunities as we can find to get up on stage and do what we do best.